Custom made cakes are not cheap. Nothing that is custom made is. You cannot expect to get a cake that takes hours and sometimes days or weeks to make and pay Grocery Store prices. I have spent the last five years practicing, gaining experience, taking classes and purchasing expensive equipment to provide high end cakes to customers who are interested in purchasing edible works of art to make their occasions extra special. I use high quality ingredients and I charge $20/hour for my custom artwork and $10/hour for the basic cake work. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you! 




For all orders, I require a retainer to secure the date for you. The retainer is half of the total cost of your order.

This retainer is non refundable. It covers some of my lost revenue from turning down other orders for your specified date in the event of a cancellation. It also covers lost time and product if I've already started your order. The other half of your total is due at time of pickup or delivery, except wedding cake balances which are due no less than 1 week prior to the wedding date. The date is not held for you nor will I start an order without a retainer. Thank you for understanding!





2 flavor options are included at no additional charge. There is a $20 charge for each additional flavor after that (up to 4 flavors).





$40 (2 Dozen basic) minimum on cupcake orders.

$75 minimum on custom  party cake orders.

$200 minimum on wedding cake orders.






The Tasting/Consultation fee is $50.00. This includes 4 flavors of your choice for up to 4 people. (2 cake, 2 frosting; 1 cake 3 frosting; 1 cake, 1 filling, 2 frostings etc) For orders over $550 the fee is refunded as a credit toward the final balance of the order if you book with me! At the time of Consultation/Tasting, all aspects of your cake order will be discussed and a sketch will be drawn up. A copy of the sketch is yours to keep as soon as the retainer is received and the contract has been signed.




Simple Party or dinner cake (frosted with simple flowers or décor and writing):  6" round- Feeds 10-12 $50.00;

8" Round- feeds 20-24   $75.00

Additional fees for special ingregdients, fillings, or decoration



Start at $4.00 per serving for buttercream.

Start at $5.00 per serving for buttercream and fondant.

Start at $7.00 per serving for carved and 3D Cakes


Start means it is the lowest amount per serving for that type of cake and would be the price for the simpler decorated cakes in that category. Price per serving can raise depending on the amount of detail, work and time involved in your chosen design.


Because all of my cakes are unique and customized to you, I do not and cannot have set prices.  Cakes are priced according to several different criteria.  The base price of $4.00-$7.00 per slice can give you a general idea of the estimated starting price of your cake.  Factors that add to the price include amount of cake sculpting, cake construction, fondant and gum paste decorations, detailed piping, or other time consuming design elements, and delivery.




$20.00 per hour for 2 tiers and below

$30.00 per hour for 3 tiers and above





Price is based on the amount of work and detail that will be involved in the decoration. Cost is less than it would be if it were real cake. You pay for the cost of the foam layer and labor and materials for the decoration.


Hand Modeled Fondant Decorations
Wedding Couple: $60-$150
Animals: $15-$30 each
People: $35-$50 each
Other: will be priced by approximate amount of hours of work it will take to create with an hourly rate of $20/hour.






$2.00-$5.00 per cupcake

Half Dozen- $10

1 dozen Basic- $20

Fruit or ganache-$25

Filled or Decorated-$30

Price can still vary

depending on the options

you choose


Cupcakes with filling add .50 each


Special ingredients cost 

+ .25-.50 per cupcake


Cupcakes with wafer paper

or hand modeled decorations

will be an additional .50-$2.00

per cupcake depending on amount

of detail.














Sugar cookie price depends

on size and level of decoration

detail. Sizes can range from 2"-6"

and price ranges from .75-$3.50.

Call or msg today for a quote

on the cookies you'd like!


























Flavor Options

Order Minimums

Custom Cakes

Wedding Cake Tasting/Consultation

Cake Dummy (Foam Layer)


Decorated Sugar Cookies

Simple Party Cake

Custom Cakes


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